What I Need (If you wanna send me stuff!)

So, not that I’m begging or anything, but here is a list of the things that I would love to have here in Thailand but can’t seem to find anywhere. If you feel like sending care packages, feel free to include any of the items listed below or anything else you might like. Surprises are always welcome!

  • Granola bars (any brand)
  • Trail Mix (without chocolate or it will melt … unless it’s dark chocolate, then it should be fine)
  • Skittles and Starbursts (I still have my sweet tooth!)
  • Crystal light powdered drink mix
  • Popcorn (the really buttery kind … Thailand doesn’t have butter 😦 )
  • Easy Mac packets (yes I know I’m in Thailand and the food is amazing but sometimes you just want your mac’n’cheese!)
  • Movies, TV shows, CDs … any media you are done with and don’t want anymore, I’d love! Or if you want to make CDs to send with any of the above, that would be fantastic!
  • A bike kilometer counter (why can’t I think of the name of those things!)
  • Journals (anything that is bound – not spiral notebooks)
  • Notecards (they don’t have them here)
  • Photos of things/people back home
  • Teaching supplies (anything – pens, pencils, scissors, notebooks, markers, glue, etc)
  • Make up (anything – the stuff here is terrible)

3 responses

11 07 2011
Amy Colby

Hello Kylene Gordon,

My name is Amy Colby – I’m living in Chonburi, Thailand teaching English. I had a friend do the PC in Gambia who got home last year. She looked up information about it in Thailand for me to meet people and sent me your blog.

I’m looking to meet some nice people who speak English and I would like some help getting books here. I’ve been here 2 months and have another 9 to go. I would love to talk to you and possibly come meet you and visit Kanchanaburi.

My friend who was in Gambia said that all the PC people were so friendly, loved meeting people, and loved helping people, so my fingers are crossed. How is your p90x going? I brought my insanity workout dvd with me. It’s so humid I sweat like a best while I do it. It’s lovely. Anyways, I would love to hear from you and thank you for your time.

Amy Colby

21 07 2011

“Bike kilometer counter” = Bike Computer. Preferrably one that switches between MPH and KmPH, and one that is meant for Mountain Bikes, not Road bikes, since the space between the fork and spokes on a MTB > road bike… just sayin’ 🙂

28 09 2011

hey, just came across this blog through the group 124 fb page – love the layout and excited to meet you in january! if i remember to, i’ll pack a bag of skittles in my suitcase for us to share 🙂

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