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My name is Kylene, and I am a 27-year old Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Prior to departure, I spent four years working as a high school English and Leadership teacher in both Maryland and the Seattle area. I also have recently worked with corporate training in a local start up technology company. I loved both jobs, but I felt that there was more out there I was meant to accomplish. I was born to help people and was ready to expand the capacities through which I do that.

I started my PC application process on Monday, May 17th and on October 4th I received my invitation to serve as a volunteer in Thailand! I left on January 8th for training and was sworn in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer on March 21st.

On this site you will find some background information on my application process (always helpful to new applicants) and updates as I continue my journey in Thailand.

Please feel free to email me anytime with questions (applicants, this means you too!) and words of support! I will always email back!

Enjoy 🙂


4 responses

28 10 2010
Laurie Hacklander

Hi Kylene,

I just emailed you after I’d seen that you just posted on a current PC Thailand volunteer’s blog (Heather’s). Just wanted to use all possibilities to contact you. I’ve accepted the invitation to serve in Thailand departing January 8. I’ll be in the CBOD program. Would love to connect with you. Contact me at my above listed email address? Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you. And – I ditto so much of the feelings you have expressed. So glad to know “I’m not the only one” ! Laurie

12 11 2010

Hi! I posted on your other blog also… But I figure this one is more current… I will be joining yall! So excited! Would love to talk with both of you anytime… I feel like I have TONS of questions.


28 11 2010
Andrew Fine

I will also be joining you guys in January. Just found a week ago that I was headed to Thailand. Ill be in the CBOD project. See you soon!

28 05 2011

Hi Kylene-

Were enjoying your blog! We visit Thailand often, and have decided to move there and base ourselves in Korat (where my wife was born). We will be working and video blogging while there (our site is http://jai-yen.tv).

We plan on arriving in April 2012. We’ll have to say hi, maybe bring some granola bars, lol.

Chok Dee!

Dave & Carol aka Jai-yen

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