Thank You to My Readers!

30 08 2011

A funny thing happened today. I was working on my new cooking blog and as I tinkered away on my WordPress dashboard, I realized that there was a significantly detailed stats section! I have noticed the stats table before, a table that tells me how many ‘hits’ I have received on a given day. What I didn’t realize was that I can click on the bars on the graph and it takes me to a more detailed page. I guess you really do learn something new everyday!

Anyway, seeing as though this blog has been up and running much longer than my cooking blog and has received far more hits than my other blog, I decided to check out those stats and see what’s been going on.

I was thrilled to realize that I have quite a steady following! I’ve always known that my family and friends check out my blog every once and while, but the numbers for this blog were far higher than I ever expected. Take yesterday for example. According to the statistics, I had fifty-seven hits! Granted, that counts each page someone clicks on including photographs, but seriously, 57 in one day?

Additionally, the stats page gives me cool information about where my viewers are coming from. It tells me referring websites like Twitter (my new obsession), Facebook, email, etc. It also tells me the click came from a Google search and if so, what the viewer typed in to have my blog some up. Sometimes it’s something random like “Non-Verbal Communication in Thailand” and my blog comes up because I have a blog post titled “Non-Verbal Communication”. But, other times, the actual search that the person typed in on their own was “Kylene in Thailnad” … how crazy is that?!

So, long story short, I just want to thank my followers for actually reading my blog. I started this blog as a means to tell my family and friends all about what is going on in Thailand and for the most part, that’s what it still is. I’ve gained some other random followers along the way and obviously have followers I never knew about. It’s very nice to know that the time and effort I put into this thing is actually being appreciated by some people way out there.

So, thank you! I promise to have another Thailand related post up soon 🙂




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